How to Apply For Unemployment in Maryland

State Unemployment Department

Division of Labor

How to Apply

There are multiple ways to file a claim for unemployment insurance benefits in Maryland. To file a new employment claim or re-open an existing claim, click here. To file a weekly benefit claim or check the status of past paid claims, click here. To call a claim center near you, find the location on this list.

Available Benefits

Unemployment insurance claims in the state of Maryland are collected and paid every two weeks. Benefits range between $25 and $410 depending on an applicant's prior wages during the base period. In addition to the weekly benefit amount, claimants with dependents may be eligible to receive $8 for each of five maximum dependent children. The state of Maryland recently implemented a new state debit card which is used to distribute unemployment insurance benefits. To learn more about the debit card, click here.

Additional Eligibility Information

Click Here for Detailed Eligibility Information