How to Apply For Unemployment in Michigan

State Unemployment Department

Department of Energy

How to Apply

There are multiple ways that a claimant can file unemployment insurance benefits in Michigan. To file a new claim or re-open an existing claim, call 1-866-500-0017. MARVIN is a new system for submitting bi-weekly claim benefits. Claimants are instructed to call MARVIN at a specified time based on their social security number. To view more information about MARVIN, click here. To locate an unemployment office near you, click here.

Available Benefits

Michigan claimants can expect to receive between 14 and 26 weeks of unemployment benefits, with a maximum weekly benefit amount of $362. Included is a $6 dependent allowance for each dependent that is claimed by an applicant with a maximum of five. Michigan unemployment claims are bi-weekly, and benefit payments are made vie direct deposit or debit card. To learn more about the Michigan unemployment insurance payment options, click here.

Additional Eligibility Information

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