How to Apply For Unemployment in Rhode Island

State Unemployment Department

Department of Labor and Training

How to Apply

Those wishing to receive unemployment insurance benefits in Rhode Island can do so online or by phone. To complete an online claim, click here. To file for benefits by phone, call (401) 243-9100.

Available Benefits

Those who are eligible to receive unemployment insurance compensation in the state of Rhode Island can expect to receive between $68 and $551 per week, although, if applicable, the dependency allowance allows an additional 5% of the claimant's weekly benefit rate for each eligible dependent for a total of five dependents. A claimant's weekly benefit rate is 4.62% of the highest base period wage. Rhode Island distributes unemployment insurance benefits via debit card, and most claimants receive their first benefit payment about three weeks after applying.


To be eligible for unemployment insurance benefits in Rhode Island, an applicant must have at least $8800 in base period earnings. Alternatively, claimants who have at least $1480 in one base period and $2960 in total may be eligible.

Additional Eligibility Information

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